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Ambrobene 30mg #20


$7.42 Ex Tax: $7.42

Ambrobene user manualYou can buy Ambrobene hereCompositionAmbrobene contains 30 mg of ambroxene, lactose in the form of monohydrate (Lactose monohydrate), corn starch (Maidis amylum), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide (silicium ..

Ambroxol tabs 30mg #20


$5.47 Ex Tax: $5.47

Ambroxol instruction for useReed more and buy Ambroxol on this pageProduct: tablets.Dosage form: Plate cylindrical tablets of white or yellowish-white color with a chamfer and a facet.Clinical and pharmacological group: mucolytic ..

Amelotex tabs 15mg #20


$9.38 Ex Tax: $9.38

Amelotex instructionYou can buy Amelotex hereCompositionOne Amelotex tablet contains:    active substance - meloxicam - 7.5 mg or 15 mg depending on the dosage;    auxiliary substances - MCC - 57.6 / ..

Amigrenin tabs 100mg #6


$39.80 Ex Tax: $39.80

Amigrenin user manualReed more and buy Amigrenin on this pageCompositionIn the tablets: 50 or 100 mg of sumatriptan (sumatriptan succinate) + additional ingredients (microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch, magnesium stearate, h..

Aminalon nootropic tabs 250mg #100


$10.90 Ex Tax: $10.90

Aminalon instruction for useReed more and buy Aminalon on this pageAminalon is a psychostimulating (nootropic) drug. Its main active substance is gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is used in the complex therapy of acute circulato..

Amiodaron tabs 200mg #30


$6.73 Ex Tax: $6.73

User manual for AmiodaronReed more and buy Amiodaron on this pageCompositionOne Amiodaron tablet contains 200 mg of Amiodaron hydrochloride and such auxiliary substances as lactose, corn starch, alginic acid, low molecular weight ..

Amitriptyline 25mg #50


$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.30

Amitriptyline instructionYou can buy Amitriptyline on this pageDosage form: coated tablets.The form of release: round biconcave tablets of yellow color, covered with a film membrane.Clinico-pharmacological group: drugs that have t..

Amixin 125mg #10


$52.25 Ex Tax: $52.25

Buy Amixin onlineinstruction for AmixinCompositionAmixin contains 125 mg of active ingredient tilorone (tilaxine), also additional substances: potato starch, calcium stearate, sodium croscarmellose, MCC, povidone.Amixin for childr..

Amlodipine tabs 10mg #60


$9.21 Ex Tax: $9.21

Instruction for Amlodipine Reed more and buy Amlodipine on this pageCompositionContains amlodipine besylate in its composition, in the equivalent of pure amlodipine at 5 and 10 mg.Additional substances are: crospovidone, lactose m..

Amlotop tabs 10mg #30


$10.71 Ex Tax: $10.71

Amlotop instruction for useYou can buy Amlotop hereCompositionIn 1 tablet, amlodipine besylate is equivalent to amlodipine 5 mg or 10 mg.Lactose monohydrate, MCC, calcium stearate, impellose, silicon dioxide, - as auxiliary substa..

Amoksiklav 500mg + 125mg #15


$18.99 Ex Tax: $18.99

You can buy Amoksiklav on this pageReed more and buy Amoksiklav hereComposition of AmoksiklavThe tablets of 250 mg / 125 mg contain the active ingredients amoxicillin (form of trihydrate) and clavulanic acid (form of potassium sal..

Ampicillin tabs 250mg #20


$3.97 Ex Tax: $3.97

Instruction for AmpicillinYou can buy Ampicillin hereCompositionIn 1 tablet ampicillin trihydrate 0.25 g. Potato starch, talc, croscarmellose sodium, calcium stearate, as auxiliary substances.Form of issueTablets, capsules, powder..

Amprilan ND tabs 5mg + 25mg #30


$39.32 Ex Tax: $39.32

Amprilan ND instruction for useYou can buy Amprilan ND hereCompositionon 1 tabletActive ingredients:Hydrochlorothiazide 25.0 mg Ramipril 5.0 mgExcipients: sodium bicarbonate, lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium, pregelatini..

Amprilan tabs 10mg #30


$30.80 Ex Tax: $30.80

Instruction for AmprilanReed more and buy Amprilan on this pageCompositionThe active ingredient is ramipril. Additional substances: pregelatinized starch, lactose monohydrate, fumarate and sodium hydrogen carbonate, croscarmellose..

Anaferon tabs #20


$10.49 Ex Tax: $10.49

Anaferon instruction for useYou can buy Anaferon on this pageTablets Anaferon for adults has an immunomodulating effect and a pronounced antiviral effect. By activating certain parts of the human immune system, gamma-interferon na..

Analgin (Analginum) 500mg #20


$3.72 Ex Tax: $3.72

Analgin instruction for useYou can buy Analgin on this pageAnalgin (Analginum) - non-narcotic analgesic, belonging to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Form of issue and compositionThe drug is available in tablets..

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