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Neovir solution 12.5% 2ml #5

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Neovir instruction for useReed more and buy Neovir on this pageCompositionThe drug has in its composition as an active ingredient kridanimod.The injection solution also contains the following additional components: sodium citrate,..

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Neovir instruction for use

Reed more and buy Neovir on this page


The drug has in its composition as an active ingredient kridanimod.
The injection solution also contains the following additional components: sodium citrate, water, citric acid.
Tablets have such auxiliary substances as polyglucin dry, sodium chloride, polymethacrylate, yellow quinoline, polyvidone or PVP low molecular weight medical, talc, dimethicone.

Form of issue

The drug is available as a solution for injections and pills. The solution is contained in ampoules of dark glass. In one pack - 5 ampoules. Tablets are sold in vials or in contour cell packs.

pharmachologic effect

The drug has an immunomodulatory and antiviral effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The drug acts as an antiviral agent against DNA and RNA genomic viruses. Can be used for the therapy and prevention of viral infections. In addition, this drug has a pronounced anti-chlamydial and immunomodulatory effect, improves the balance of T-suppressor cells and subpopulations of T-lymphocytes. It increases the content of endogenous interferons and increases the activity of bone marrow stem cells, macrophages and T-lymphocytes.
In some cases, this drug also reduces the production of tumor necrosis factor and stimulates natural killer cells. It also activates a system of polymorphic nuclear leukocytes.
The maximum effectiveness of the drug is achieved after several hours after ingestion and is maintained for 16-20 hours. The tool is displayed unchanged.
Bioavailability exceeds 90%. The maximum concentration in the plasma is fixed after 15-30 minutes after application, at the same time the serum interferon titers increase. To the initial value their level will return only after about two days. Five hours after the application, only a small amount of the drug can be detected, and after 6 hours it can not be detected.

Indications for use

This drug is used in case of monotherapy, as well as as a component of the complex therapy of diseases with the syndrome of secondary immunodeficiency, as well as with the inhibition of interferons. It can be assigned in the following cases:
    infections caused by the virus Simplex simplex, simplex genitalis, neprex simplex genitalis;
    radiation immunodeficiency;
    encephalitis and encephalomyelitis of viral etiology;
    urogenital infections;
    venereal lymphogranuloma;
    multiple sclerosis;
    cytomegalovirus infection with immunodeficiency;
    infection of the immune system;
    acute chronic hepatitis B and C;
    chlamydial infections;
    oncological diseases;
    candidiasis lesions of the skin and mucous membrane.


The drug can not be used with increased sensitivity to its components, pregnancy, lactation, chronic renal failure (grade II-III), childhood.

Side effects

With the injection of injections, local pain is possible, which quickly passes. If the pain lasts a long time, it is recommended to combine the application of the drug with a solution of a local anesthetic, before that you need to make an allergic cork. In addition, there may appear an allergy, for example, in the form of skin rashes.

Instructions for use Neovir (Method and dosage)

The instruction on neovir informs that the solution for internal administration is administered intramuscularly. For this purpose, one ampoule is used. Also, a dosage of approximately 5 mg per kg of body weight is prescribed. If necessary, the single dose can be doubled.
Therapy includes 4 to 10 intramuscular injections with an interval of 1-3 days.
Instructions for use Neovir in tablets recommends a single dose of 750 mg. If necessary, it can be raised to 1500 mg.
Therapy is designed for 5-7 receptions. Tablets are taken once a day with an interval of 2 days. Thus, the duration of treatment is 10-14 days. With prolonged or prophylactic therapy, a break of 3-7 days between taking the tablets is necessary.


No cases of drug overdose have been reported.


There is no evidence of clinically significant interaction with other drugs.

Storage conditions

Keep this product in a dry place inaccessible to children and protected from light. The temperature should be between 15 and 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the solution is 3 years. Tablets Neovir should be stored no longer than 2 years.

Analogues of Neovir

The pharmacies sell the following analogues of Neovir:
Before replacing the prescribed remedy with its analog, be sure to consult with a specialist.

Alcohol and Neovir

Patients are often interested in doctors, whether the drug is compatible with liquor. The answer of experts is unequivocal: alcohol and neovir can not be combined, as the toxic effect on the liver increases and the activity of the drug decreases.

Reviews about Neovir

Tablets and injections of neovir reviews are predominantly positive. The forums often write about how this tool helped with herpes and with infectious diseases. It is also recommended for the therapy of urogenital diseases. Those who have already tried this drug on themselves, report that the drug has helped to successfully cope with the disease.
Some patients, however, complain that the injections are very painful. Some do not even manage to do them themselves.
The doctors' comments also report that in combination therapy, neovir has in some cases proved ineffective in the treatment of urogenital and chlamydial infections. It is recommended that antibiotics be canceled, since Neovir is used mainly as a supporting agent.
Thus, reviews about Neovir report on the effectiveness of this medication. Nevertheless, when it is used, some allergic reactions may appear. In addition, it should be used strictly following the scheme provided by the doctor.

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