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Floxal eye drops 5ml

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Instruction for FloxalYou can buy Floxal on this pageDrops of Floxal are intended for instillation in the eye as a remedy for inflammatory diseases of the eyes and its appendages caused by microorganisms sensitive to Ofloxacin:&nb..

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Instruction for Floxal

You can buy Floxal on this page

Drops of Floxal are intended for instillation in the eye as a remedy for inflammatory diseases of the eyes and its appendages caused by microorganisms sensitive to Ofloxacin:
    ulcerous lesions of the cornea.
In addition, the drug can be used to prevent the development of infection after eye injuries, eye surgery, after removing a foreign body from the eye.


Before using Floxal eye drops, the patient should carefully read the accompanying summary. Contraindications to instillation of the drug in the eye are:
    intolerance of Ofloxacin;
    increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug;
    pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Dosing and Administration

Drops of Floxal are intended for instillation into the eyes. The duration of therapy and the daily dose of the drug is determined by the doctor for each individual patient, depending on the diagnosis and severity of the course of the disease.
Before instillation of the drug should be done eye toilet, rubbing the eyelid from the outer corner to an internal cotton swab dipped in boiled water. For each eye, you need to take a new cotton swab, so as not to spread the infection.
In each eye, 1-2 drops of Floxal are instilled. On the first day with conjunctivitis or other infections, the drug is ordered every 3 hours, on the second day drops are instilled 3 times a day. The duration of treatment with the drug is 3-5 days, in some cases, treatment with Phloxal may last up to 7 days. In the absence of therapeutic effect or aggravation of the course of eye diseases, the patient is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.
When using the drug Floxal in the form of eye drops to prevent inflammation after trauma or surgery, the patient is prescribed instillation of the drug 1-3 times.

Application of the drug during pregnancy and lactation

Use of the drug Floxal in the form of eye drops in the first trimester of pregnancy is not recommended for women. Ofloxacin in a small amount is absorbed into the total blood flow and can adversely affect the process of bookmarking and forming internal organs.
Use of the drug in the second and third trimesters is possible if there are serious indications, if the benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risks for the child.
The use of the drug Floxal in the form of eye drops for nursing mothers should be agreed with the doctor. It is not known about the abilities of Ofloxacin to excrete with breast milk, so it is better to interrupt lactation for the period of using eye drops.

Adverse Events

The drug Floxal is well tolerated by patients. Side effects occur in individuals with increased individual sensitivity to the components of drops and are expressed by the following clinical symptoms:
    burning in the eyes;
    redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes;
    swelling of the eyelids;
    sensation of foreign body in the eyes;
    impaired vision, which is of short duration;
    rashes around the eyelids;
    hypersensitivity to light.
If side effects occur, the patient should consult a doctor.


Cases of overdose with eye drops of Floxal are not described, however it is not recommended to exceed the dose indicated by the doctor in order to avoid negative reactions.

Interaction of the drug with other drugs

Drops of Floxal can be administered concomitantly with other eye drops and ointments, however, an interval of at least 5 minutes between drug instillations should be maintained.
With a pronounced course of inflammatory disease or treatment of postoperative complications, the patient is prescribed Floxal drops simultaneously with oral preparations from the group of fluoroquinolones. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

special instructions

During the treatment with the drug, stay under exposed sunlight should be avoided, since after instillation of drops in the patient, there may be increased sensitivity to light.
The bottle with the drug after opening should be stored in the refrigerator, heating in the palms before each instillation. Duration of storage of the open vial should not exceed 1 month.
To avoid infection of the eyes during instillation of the drug, do not touch the hands of the built-in pipette. After using drops, the bottle should be tightly screwed.
Because of short-term vision impairment after instillation of the drug to the patient during the period of therapy, one should refrain from driving the car and controlling the technique, which requires an increased concentration of attention.

Analogues of eye drops Floxal

The analogue of Floxal is Dancyl drops

Storage conditions

Store drops at room temperature (unopened vial) for no more than 2 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.
The vial is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 1 month, after which it is discarded and, if necessary, printed out a new vial.

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