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Piracetam solution 200mg/ml 5ml #10


$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50

Piracetam solution instruction for useReed more and buy Piracetam solution hereCompositionActive substance:Piracetam - 200.0 gExcipients:sodium acetate - 1 g,diluted acetic acid to pH 5.0-5.8,water for injection - up to 1 l.Descri..

Prostacor solution 5mg/ml 1ml #10


$16.87 Ex Tax: $16.87

Prostacor instruction for useReed more and buy Prostacor on this pageCompositionSolution for i / m use:    5 mg of prostate extract - the active substance.Additional ingredients:    50 mg - maltose mo..

Recognan solution 100mg/ml 10ml #10


$60.21 Ex Tax: $60.21

Recognan user manualReed more and buy Recognan on this pageClinico-pharmacological group: Nootropic drugPharmaco-therapeutic group: Nootropic agentpharmachologic effectCiticoline, being the precursor of the key ultrastructural com..

Remaxol solution 400ml

Remaxol solution 400ml


$49.99 $55.30 Ex Tax: $49.99

Remaxol instruction for useReed more and buy Remaxol on this pageCompositionRemaxol contains such active substances: succinic acid, riboxin, nicotinamide, N-methylglucamine, methionine.Additional components: sodium chloride, magne..

Rengalin solution 100ml


$15.96 Ex Tax: $15.96

Rengalin solution instruction for useYou can buy Rengalin solution hereComposition (per 100 ml) solution for oral administrationActive substances:Antibodies to bradykinin affinity purified 0.12 g *Antibodies to histamine affinity ..

Retinol acetate solution 3.44% 50ml


$5.86 Ex Tax: $5.86

Instruction for Retinol acetateYou can buy Retinol acetate onlineCompositionOne capsule contains 33000 IU of a solution of retinol acetate in sunflower oil. The composition of the shell includes gelatin, yellow quinoline E-104, pu..

Retinol palmitate solution 100000ME 10ml


$7.18 Ex Tax: $7.18

Retinol palmitate instructionReed more and buy Retinol palmitate onlineCompositionIn 1 milliliter of the solution contains 100 000 IU of retinol palmitate.Form of issueIt is produced in the form of an oily transparent liquid, whic..

Riboxin solution 20mg/ml 5ml #10


$5.48 Ex Tax: $5.48

Riboxin solution instruction for useReed more and buy Riboxin solution on this pageCompositionActive ingredient: inosine (riboxin) 20 mg;Excipients: propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite anhydrous, water for injection..

Rumalon solution 1ml #25


$87.31 Ex Tax: $87.31

Rumalon instructionReed more and buy Rumalon hereCompositionIn 1 ml of solution contains glycosaminoglycanopeptide complex in the amount of 2.5 mg. Additional components are metakresol and injection water.Form of issueSolution (is..

Sertamycol solution 2% 15ml


$21.42 Ex Tax: $21.42

Sertamycol instruction for useReed more and buy Sertamycol solutionRelease form, composition and packagingSolution for external use in the form of a clear liquid from colorless to light yellow color.100 mlsertaconazole nitrate 2 g..

Sodium tetraborate 20% 30ml


$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.50

Sodium tetraborate user manualYou can buy Sodium tetraborate onlineCompositionThe sodium tetraborate formula is Na2B4O7, this is a boron compound, a weak boric acid salt and a strong base.The composition of the product is the basi..

Sodium thiosulfate solution 30% 10ml #10


$23.50 Ex Tax: $23.50

Sodium thiosulfate instructionYou can buy Sodium thiosulfate hereCompositionIn one ampoule with 10 ml of the injectable solution contains 3 g of sodium thiosulfate.Auxiliary substances: sodium bicarbonate and water d / and.Form of..

Solcoderm solution 0.2ml


$37.49 Ex Tax: $37.49

You can buy Solcoderm on this pageInstruction for Solcoderm solutionCompositionOne milliliter contains 580.7 mg of 70% nitric acid; 41.1 mg 99% acetic acid; 57.4 mg of oxalic acid dihydrate; 4.5 mg of 90% lactic acid; 48 μg copper..

Spiriva Respimat solution 2.5mcg/dose 4ml

Spiriva Respimat solution 2.5mcg/dose 4ml


$78.99 $93.11 Ex Tax: $78.99

Spiriva Respimat instruction for useYou can buy Spiriva Respimat on this pagepharmachologic effectSpiriva has anticholinergic, bronchodilating action.Spiriva Respimat, indications for useAs maintenance therapy in patients with COP..

Stomatidin solution 1mg/ml 200ml


$35.70 Ex Tax: $35.70

 instruction for StomatidinTo buy Stomatidin just add it to your shopping cartCompositionIn 100 ml of a solution of hexetidine, 100 mg.Propylene glycol, polysorbate, methyl salicylate, citric acid monohydrate, methyl salicyla..

Thiamine chloride solution 50mg/ml 1ml #10


$1.94 Ex Tax: $1.94

Thiamine chloride instruction for useYou can buy Thiamine chloride on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug is actively thiamine.An additional component is water for injection.Form of issueProduced Thiamine in the form o..

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