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Ovipol Clio supp 0.5mg #15


$33.31 Ex Tax: $33.31

Ovipol Clio instructionYou can buy Ovipol Clio hereComposition1 suppository contains:Active ingredient: estriol 500 µg;Auxiliary substance: semisynthetic glycerides (of "Supppozir" type) - 1999.5 mg.Packaging - 15 pcs.pharmacholog..

Panadol suppositories 250mg #10


$4.51 Ex Tax: $4.51

Panadol suppositories instruction for useYou can buy Panadol suppositories hereTo buy Panadol suppositories in dosage 125mg just contact usIt has an analgesic and antipyretic effect. The introduction of Suppositories rectally prom..

Panavir rectal supp. 0.2mg #5

Panavir rectal supp. 0.2mg #5


$69.50 $76.73 Ex Tax: $69.50

Instruction for Panavir rectal suppositoriesYou can buy rectal suppositories Panavir on this pageCompositionactive ingredient - Panavir (Solanum tuberosum shoots polysaccharides) - 200 µg;excipients: confectionary fat or solid fat..

Panavir vaginal supp. 0.2mg #5


$69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

Panavir vaginal suppositories instruction for useReed more and buy Panavir vaginal suppositories herepharmachologic effectPanavir - purified extract of shoots of the plant Solanum tuberosum; The main active ingredient is hexose gl..

Pimafucin suppositories 100mg #6


$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Pimafucin suppositories instruction for useYou can buy Pimafucin suppositories on this pageThe drug Pimafucin belongs to the group of antibiotics with a pronounced antifungal effect.Release form and drug compositionThe drug Pimafu..

Polyoxidonium supp 12mg #10


$43.94 Ex Tax: $43.94

Polyoxidonium suppositories instructionYou can buy Polyoxidonium suppositories hereForm of release, composition and packagingSuppositories vaginal and rectal torpedo-shaped, light yellow color, with a weak specific odor of cocoa b..

Posterisan supp #10


$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Posterisan user manualReed more and buy Posterisan on this pageCompositionDepending on the form of release of the drug, Posterisan may contain a different amount of inactivated microbial cells of the type E coli. One gram of the o..

Primafungin supp 100mg #3


$13.86 Ex Tax: $13.86

Primafungin user manualYou can buy Primafungin on this pageCompositionIn 1 suppository of natamycin, 100 mg. Spirits cetyl, sorbitan, polysorbate, sodium bicarbonate, adipic acid, semi-synthetic glycerides, as auxiliary substances..

Procto-Glyvenol supp 400mg #10


$24.40 Ex Tax: $24.40

Procto-Glyvenol user manualReed more and buy Procto-Glyvenol on this pageCompositionOne candle contains 400 mg of tribenoside and 40 mg of lidocaine.The composition of 100 grams of cream contains 5 grams of tribenozide and 2 g of ..

Proctosan supp #10


$19.75 Ex Tax: $19.75

Instruction for ProctosanYou can buy Proctosan hereCompositionCandles of Proctosan contain in one piece bufeksamaka 250 mg, titanium dioxide and bismuth subgallate - 100 mg, lidocaine in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate - 10 ..

Relief Advance supp #12


$25.64 Ex Tax: $25.64

Relief Advance user manualReed more and buy Relief Advance hereIf you want to buy Relief Advance in the form of ointment, just contact usCompositionThe composition of the drug varies depending on the form of release of the drug.In..

Relief Pro supp #12


$32.37 Ex Tax: $32.37

Relief Pro user manualReed more and buy Relief Pro on this pageIndications for use- hemorrhoids;- proctitis;- eczema in the anus (for rectal cream).Dosage formRectal cream, rectal suppositoriesContraindications for Relief Pro- tub..

Relief Ultra supp #12


$30.33 Ex Tax: $30.33

Relief Ultra user manualReed more and buy Relief Ultra on this pageCompositionIn a single rectal suppository Relief Ultra contains 10 mg of the active compound hydrocortisone acetate, as well as 11 mg of zinc sulfate monohydrate.I..

Salofalk suppositories rectal 250mg #10


$22.73 Ex Tax: $22.73

Salofalk suppositories instructionYou can buy Salofalk suppositories hereComposition and form of releaseThe drug Salofalk is released in the dosage form of a suppository (suppository) for rectal (into the cavity of the rectum) app..

Sea Buckthorn Oil supp rectal 500mg #10


$7.19 Ex Tax: $7.19

Sea Buckthorn Oil suppositories instructionReed more and buy Sea Buckthorn Oil suppositories onlineSuppositories with sea buckthorn oilSuppositories with sea buckthorn oil have a healthy effect on the body due to the natural compo..

Viferon-3 supp 1000000ME #10


$27.47 Ex Tax: $27.47

Viferon suppositories instruction for useYou can buy Viferon suppositories on this pagePharmachologic effectHuman recombinant interferon alfa-2b preparation.It has antiviral, immunomodulatory and antiproliferative action. Under th..

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