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Stomach, bowels, livers

Stomach, bowels, livers

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Glutargin Alcocline powder 1gr/3gr #2


$11.98 Ex Tax: $11.98

Glutargin Alcocline user manualReed more about Glutargin Alcocline and buy it hereCompositionIt is worth noting that the chemical composition of Glutargin depends on the form of release of the drug.In one tablet Glutargin Alcoclin..

Glycerin supp kids 1.24g #10


$8.34 Ex Tax: $8.34

Kids Glycerin suppositories instruction for useYou can buy Glycerin suppositories for kids hereForm of issueMedical glycerin is available in several forms:Rectal suppositories. In most manufacturers, they are called simply glycero..

Glycerin supp. rectal 2.11gr #10


$7.75 Ex Tax: $7.75

Instruction for GlycerinYou can buy Glycerin hereCompositionIn a bottle of Glycerin solution for external and topical application contains 25 grams of distilled glycerin (glycerol).The composition of one rectal glycerin suppositor..

Grinterol caps 250mg #100


$49.32 Ex Tax: $49.32

Grinterol user manualYou can buy Grinterol on this pageForm of release, composition and packagingCapsules hard gelatinous, №0, body and lid of white color; the contents of the capsules are white or almost white powder.1 caps.ursod..

Guttalax drops 7.5mg/ml 15ml


$14.36 Ex Tax: $14.36

Guttalax user manualReed more about Guttalax and buy it hereCompositionIn 100 ml of the Guttalax solution contains 750 mg of sodium monohydrate picosulphate.Auxiliary components: non-crystallizing liquid sorbitol -64.37g, sodium c..

Guttalax tablets 5mg #50


$21.25 Ex Tax: $21.25

Guttalax tablets instructionYou can buy Guttalax tablets hereForm of issue and compositionTablets Guttalax have a white color, a circular planocylindrical with oblique edges, a form in the middle of the dividing risk. The main act..

Hepa-Mertz #10


$32.89 Ex Tax: $32.89

Hepa-Mertz instruction for useReed more and buy Hepa-Mertz hereCompositionOne sachet contains 5 g of a mixture of granules for the preparation of a Hepa-Merz solution containing 3 g of ornithine aspartate (active drug compound), a..

Hepa-Merz concentrate 10ml 5gr #10


$74.73 Ex Tax: $74.73

Hepa-Merz concentrate instruction for useReed more and buy Hepa-Merz concentrate hereForm of release, composition and packagingConcentrate for the preparation of a solution for infusions is transparent, light yellow in color.1 ml ..

Hepabene #30


$23.54 Ex Tax: $23.54

Hepabene instruction manualYou can buy Hepabene on this pageCompositionOne capsule contains dry herbal extracts: 275.10 mg of medicinal herb and 83.10 mg of spotted thistle fruit.In addition: colloidal silicon dioxide, macrogol, m..

Heptor powder for injection 400mg #5


$38.86 Ex Tax: $38.86

Heptor for ijection user manualYou can buy Heptor for ijection hereWhen eliminating diseases that cause biliary stagnation, the heptor drug is used. The agent refers to hepatoprotectors and is additionally characterized by antidep..

Heptor tabs 400mg #20


$53.68 Ex Tax: $53.68

Heptor tabs user manualReed more and buy pills Heptor on this pageCompositionTablets have in the INN composition S-adenosylmethionine (in terms of ademetionin). Also in its composition there are a number of additional substances: ..

Heptral 400mg #20


$74.90 Ex Tax: $74.90

You can buy Heptral on this pageHeptral instruction for useThe drug Heptral is a drug from the group of hepatoprotectors, which, in addition to its basic therapeutic effect, has even more pronounced antidepressant activity.Form of..

Heptral powder for injections 400mg #5


$44.84 Ex Tax: $44.84

Heptral powder instructionYou can buy Heptral powder for injections hereHeptral relates to a group of medicinal medicines, the action of which is directed to the regeneration and normalization of liver functions. He also corrects ..

Hidrasec caps 100mg #10


$24.18 Ex Tax: $24.18

Instructon for HidrasecReed more and buy Hidrasec hereForm of issueCapsules hard gelatinous, size 2, light yellow; the contents of the capsules are a white powder with a characteristic odor.Composition    1 caps. - ..

Hilak Forte drops 30ml


$14.52 Ex Tax: $14.52

Hilak Forte instructionReed more and buy Hilak Forte on this pageCompositionThe composition of Hilak Forte as an active ingredient includes a substrate of metabolic products (aqueous, non-germinal):    Escherichia c..

Hofitol (Chophytol) solution 20gr/100ml 120ml


$21.90 Ex Tax: $21.90

Hofitol user manualYou can buy Hofitol on this pageDescription of dosage form, compositionSolution Hofitol is intended for oral administration. It is an opaque liquid of a dark brown color with a small amount of yellow sediment (a..

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