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Miscellaneous medicine products

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Rumycoz caps 100mg #15


$41.94 Ex Tax: $41.94

Rumycoz instructionReed more and buy Rumycoz hereComposition1 capsule contains 100 mg of Itraconazole - the active substance.Auxiliary ingredients: hypromellose, wheat starch, poloxamer (lutrol), sucrose.Form of issueDrug Rumycoz ..

Salbutamol aerosol 100mcg/dose 200doses


$7.19 Ex Tax: $7.19

Salbutamol user manualYou can buy Salbutamol hereCompositionOne dose of the metered aerosol for inhalation includes 124 mg of salbutamol sulfate, which corresponds to 100 μg of pure substance. As auxiliary substances, ethanol and ..

Singlon tabs 10mg #28


$43.64 Ex Tax: $43.64

Singlon user manualReed more and buy Singlon onlineCompositionIn 1 chewable tablet of Montelukast sodium, 5.20 mg. Mannitol, MCC, flavor, croscarmellose sodium, aspartame, dye, magnesium stearate, as auxiliary substances.In 1 tabl..

Skipar cream for massage 75ml


$7.17 Ex Tax: $7.17

Skipar cream for massage instruction for useTo buy Skipar cream for massage just add it to your shopping cartCompositionSkipar cream for massage contains:    Demineralized water.    Soybean oil. ..

Spiriva caps 18mcg #30


$86.86 Ex Tax: $86.86

Spiriva user manualReed more and buy Spiriva on this pageCompositionActive Ingredient:INN - tiotropium bromide 22.5 μg (18 μg of tiotropium, respectively) in one capsule and 3.1235 μg of tiotropium bromide (2.5 μg of tiotropium, r..

Stimol 10% 10ml #18


$29.33 Ex Tax: $29.33

Instruction manual for StimolYou can buy Stimol hereStimol is a drug for the treatment and prevention of asthenic conditions.Form of issue and compositionThe drug Stimol is available in the form of a solution, intended for oral us..

Tabex pills #100


$51.60 Ex Tax: $51.60

Tabex instructionYou can buy Tabex hereCompositionThe composition of one tablet is as follows: cytisine (active substance) 1.5 mg. Also in the composition are additional auxiliary substances: microcrystalline cellulose, lactose mo..

Tiger balm 4gr


$7.24 Ex Tax: $7.24

Tiger balm instruction for useYou can buy Tiger balm on this pageOriental medicine is famous for its natural and effective means all over the world, among which Tiger Balm is listed. This ointment is made in Thailand and Vietnam. ..

Totema 10ml #20


$28.50 Ex Tax: $28.50

Totema instruction manual for buyersYou can buy Tot'hema hereTotema is a combined drug that represents the pharmacological group of anti-anemic drugs. It is used to treat anemia, mainly associated with an insufficient level of iro..

Tranexam tabs 250mg #30


$31.37 Ex Tax: $31.37

Tranexam user manualReed more and buy Tranexam on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug includes the active ingredient: tranexamic acid.Additional components of the drug in tablets: MCC, talc, giprolose, calcium stearate..

Trental 100mg #60


$26.70 Ex Tax: $26.70

You can buy Trental tablets hereTrental instruction for useTablets Trental represent a group of pharmacological agents that improve blood microcirculation. They are used in various pathologies, accompanied by a significant deterio..

Trigrim 5mg #30


$17.42 Ex Tax: $17.42

User manual for TrigrimYou can buy Trigrim on this pageTablets Trigrim are a representative of the clinical and pharmacological group of medicines diuretic drugs (diuretics). They are used to reduce the volume of circulating blood..

Valacyclovir tabs 500mg #10


$26.89 Ex Tax: $26.89

Valacyclovir instruction for useReed more and buy Valacyclovir tablets hereCompositionIn the composition of one tablet is 556 mg Valacyclovir hydrochloride (500 mg in terms of Valacyclovir).Form releasePills in plastic shell, cart..

Ventolin nebuls 1mg/ml #20


$15.89 Ex Tax: $15.89

Ventolin instructionYou can buy Ventolin on this pageCompositionThe active substance of this drug is salbutamol sulfate. In addition, it contains tetrafluoroethane - 1 dose.Form of issueIn pharmacies you can find Ventolin aerosol ..

Vermox tabs 100mg #6


$5.59 Ex Tax: $5.59

Vermox user manualReed more and buy Vermox on this pageCompositionTo 1 tablet of 100 mg of mebendazole.Sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sodium saccharinate, starch, lactose monohydrate, talc, as excipien..

Viferon gel 12gr


$10.50 Ex Tax: $10.50

Viferon gel instruction for useYou can buy Viferon gel on this page onlinePharmacotherapeutic group: antiviral immunomodulating agent.Dosage form: gel for external use.Form release: opaque homogeneous gel-like mass of white with a..

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