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Acnecutan caps 8mg #30


$58.22 Ex Tax: $58.22

Acnecutan user manualYou can buy Acnecutan on this pageCompositionThe chemical composition of Acnecutan depends primarily on the form of release of the drug. One capsule of size 3 or 1 contains 8 or 16 mg, respectively. a highly a..

Azelic gel 15% 30gr


$31.95 Ex Tax: $31.95

Azelic buy onlineInstruction for AzelicCompositionThe preparation for external use contains the active component azelaic acid.Additional constituents: benzoic acid, methylpyrrolidone, propylene glycol, disodium edetate, squalane, ..

Curiosin gel 15.4mg 15gr


$32.92 Ex Tax: $32.92

Curiosin instructionYou can buy Curiosin hereCompositionThe mass part of the main active component of the preparation of zinc hyaluronate is indicated by 1 gram of gel - 1,027 mg / g.If the drug is supplied as a solution, the dosa..

Dalacin gel 1% 30gr


$34.95 Ex Tax: $34.95

Instruction for Dalacin gelYou can buy Dalacin gel hereThe drug Dalacin is an antibiotic from the group of lincosamides, which has a wide range of effects. The drug is available in several dosage forms and is used in many areas of..

Differin gel 0.1% 30gr


$42.71 Ex Tax: $42.71

You can buy Differin gel onlineDifferin gel instruction for useComposition of DifferinGel Differin for external use contains the following components:    adapalene - 1 mg per 1 g of a pharmaceutical preparation;&nbs..

Klenzit gel 30gr


$30.88 Ex Tax: $30.88

Klenzit gel user manualYou can buy Klenzit on this pageComposition1 gram of gel contains 1 mg of Adapalene - the active substance.Auxiliary Ingredients:    propylene glycol;    disodium edetate; ..

Klenzit-C gel 15gr


$30.90 Ex Tax: $30.90

Klenzit-C user manualYou can buy Klenzit-C hereComposition1 gram of gel contains 1 mg of Adapalene + 10 mg of Clindamycin - the active substances.Auxiliary Ingredients:    propylene glycol;    disodiu..

Regecin gel 15gr


$15.89 Ex Tax: $15.89

Regecin instructionYou can buy gel Regecin on this pageComposition of RegecinThe gel contains active ingredient zinc hyaluronate and auxiliary components: sodium hyaluronate, potassium sorbate, zinc chloride, sodium hydroxide, car..

Salicylic oinment 2% 25gr


$2.53 Ex Tax: $2.53

Salicylic oinment instruction for useReed more and buy Salicylic oinment on this page onlineCompositionThe composition of 1 gram of the drug includes 20 mg (2 percent) or 10 g (10 percent) of salicylic acid.Form of issueProduced i..

Tetracyclin ointment 3% 15gr


$1.91 Ex Tax: $1.91

Instruction for Tetracyclin ointmentReed more and buy Tetracyclin ointment hereIts active substance is able to cope with many bacterial pathogens, but is ineffective against group A streptococci, viruses and fungi.There are two fo..

Zerkalin 10mg/ml 30ml


$19.55 Ex Tax: $19.55

Zerkalin instruction manualReed more and buy Zerkalin on this pageCompositionClindamycin hydrochloride 1.14 g in 100 ml.Ethanol, propylene glycol, purified water, as auxiliary substances.Form of issue1% alcohol solution.pharmachol..

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