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Anaprilin 40mg #112


$7.31 Ex Tax: $7.31

Reed more and buy Anaprilin on this pageAnaprilin instruction for useAnaprilin is a cardiovascular drug of the group of β-adrenoblockers for the treatment of arterial hypertension and cardiac pathologies. Reduction of pressure is ..

Anastrozole tabs 1mg #30


$54.61 Ex Tax: $54.61

Anastrozole user manualYou can buy Anastrozole on this pageCompositionOne tablet of Anastrozole, regardless of the manufacturer, contains 1 mg of the active substance of the same name.Additional components: povidone, lactose monoh..

Andipalum tabs #20


$4.73 Ex Tax: $4.73

Instruction for AndipalumReed more and buy Andipalum pills on this pageThe composition of AndipalumOne tablet contains 0.25 g of metamizole sodium (analgin), 0.02 g of bendazole, 0.02 g of papaverine hydrochloride and 0.02 g of ph..

Androcur 10mg #15


$82.07 Ex Tax: $82.07

User manual for AndrocurYou can buy Androcur hereCompositionAndrocur tablets have 3 different dosages: one tablet can contain 10 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of cyproterone acetate (micro 20). Typically, auxiliary compounds such as lactose..

Angeliq Micro tabs #28


$61.93 Ex Tax: $61.93

Angeliq Micro instruction for useYou can buy Angeliq Micro herepharmachologic effectAngeliq Micro contains 17-estradiol, chemically and biologically identical to endogenous human estradiol, and synthetic progestogen drospirenone. ..

Angeliq tabs #28


$55.32 Ex Tax: $55.32

Instruction for AngeliqYou can buy Angeliq on this pageCompositionEstradiol hemihydrate, drospirenone, corn starch, lactose monohydrate, pregelatinized corn starch, magnesium stearate, macrogol, povidone, talc, iron dye red oxide,..

Angi Sept tabs #24


$13.17 Ex Tax: $13.17

Angi Sept user manualYou can buy Angi Sept on this pageComposition1 tablet contains: 5.4 mg of menthol; 2.4 mg anethole; 1.2 mg of 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol; 0.6 mg peppermint oil - active ingredients.Additional ingredients: gluc..

Angiakand tabs 8mg #28


$16.99 Ex Tax: $16.99

Angiakand instructionYou can buy Angiakand hereCompositionDosage 8 mg1 tablet contains:active ingredient: candesartan cilexetil 8 mg;excipients: pregelatinized corn starch - 20.3 mg, croscarmellose sodium (primellose) - 3.5 mg, la..

AngioNorm tabs 100mg #100


$26.43 Ex Tax: $26.43

AngioNorm instruction for useYou can buy AngioNorm on this pageActive substance- dry extract from a mixture of medicinal plant materials (hawthorn fruit, licorice roots, horse chestnut seeds, rose hips)Release form, composition an..

Antareit tabs 800mg + 40mg #24


$13.73 Ex Tax: $13.73

Antareit instruction for useYou can buy Antareit on this pageComposition1 tablet chewing dosage of 400/20 mg contains:Active substances: magdrate - 400 mg, simethicone (in terms of dimethylpolysiloxane) - 30.77 (20) mg.Excipients:..

Antigrippin kids tabs #10


$14.96 Ex Tax: $14.96

Antigrippin kids instruction for useReed more and buy Antigrippin kids hereA child with a runny nose, fever and other symptoms of ARVI often needs high-speed drugs that can alleviate his condition. One of the popular means for col..

Antigrippin tabs #30


$31.69 Ex Tax: $31.69

Antigrippin instruction for useReed more and buy Antigrippin on this pageComposition of Antigrippin      1 effervescent tablet includes paracetamol 500mg, ascorbic acid 200mg, chlorphenamine maleate 20mg. ..

AnviMax effervescent pills #10


$15.20 Ex Tax: $15.20

AnviMax effervescent pills instructionYou can buy AnviMax effervescent pills hereForm of issueThe tablets are effervescent with the taste and aroma of raspberry.For 10 tablets in a tube of polypropylene complete with a lid of poly..

Apilac (Apilacum) tablets 10 mg #25


$12.46 Ex Tax: $12.46

Apilac instruction for useYou can buy Apilacum on this pageComposition    One tablet of Apilacum produced by ZAO Vifehteh includes 10 mg of powder from the royal jelly of bees. Auxiliary components: lactose monohydr..

Aprovasc tabs 300mg + 10mg #28


$41.91 Ex Tax: $41.91

Aprovasc instructionYou can buy Aprovasc hereClinico-pharmacological groupCombined antihypertensive drug (slow calcium channel blocker + angiotensin II receptor antagonist)Active ingredients- irbesartan- amlodipine (amlodipine)Rel..

Aprovel tabs 150mg #28


$31.94 Ex Tax: $31.94

User manual for AprovelReed more and buy Aprovel hereCompositionIn 1 tablet of irbesartan 150 or 300 mg.Silicon dioxide, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, MCC, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose - as excipients.Release for..

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