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Miscellaneous medicine products

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Kalanchoes succus 20ml


$6.39 Ex Tax: $6.39

Kalanchoes succus instruction for useYou can buy Kalanchoes succus hereRelease form    A solution of alcohol juice from fresh Kalanchoe shoots with a specific smell for local and outdoor use in glass bottles of 20, ..

Ketosteril tabs #100


$99.99 $107.57 Ex Tax: $99.99

Ketosteril user manualReed more and buy Ketosteril on this pageCompositionFilm-coated tablets, 1 tablet contains active ingredients: isoleucine alpha-keto analog 67 mg, leucine alpha-keto analog 101 mg, phenylalanine alpha-keto an..

Lidase 64E amps #10


$29.50 Ex Tax: $29.50

Lidase user manualReed more and buy Lidase hereLidase powder is an enzyme preparation that cleaves compounds in intercellular substance molecules of connective tissue. It is used for resorption of various types of scars, including..

Liprimar 10mg #100


$87.90 Ex Tax: $87.90

Instruction for LiprimarReed more and buy LiprimarCompositionThe composition of the tablets includes the active ingredient atorvastatin.Additional components: calcium carbonate, lactose monohydrate, MCC, croscarmellose sodium, hyd..

Magnesium sulfate 25gr


$2.31 Ex Tax: $2.31

Magnesium sulfate instruction for useReed more and buy Magnesium sulfatePowder Magnesium sulfate is a medicinal product of the pharmacological group of saline laxatives. It is used to relax the stool with various types of constipa..

Miramistin 0.01% 150ml


$17.53 Ex Tax: $17.53

Miramistin user manualReed more and buy Miramistin hereCompositionMiramistin contains active ingredient - miramistin, as well as purified water. Other substances in Miramistin are not included.Form of issueThe medicine is availabl..

Mummyo 0.2gr #20


$7.21 Ex Tax: $7.21

Mummyo instruction for useYou can buy Mummyo on this pageCompositionBoth the properties and the composition of the Mummyo are quite complex. Mumiye is a unique substance consisting of more than 80 different components.The composit..

Natrii chloridum solution 0.9% 5ml #10 amps


$3.90 Ex Tax: $3.90

Natrii chloridum user manualYou can buy Natrii chloridum hereCompositionThe active ingredient of this remedy is sodium chloride. The formula of sodium chloride is NaCl, these are white crystals that dissolve rapidly in water. The ..

Nemozole tabs 400mg #1


$9.24 Ex Tax: $9.24

Nemozole user manualYou can buy Nemozole hereCompositionPills Nemozole in p/o contain 0.4 g of albendazole, maize starch, povidone-30, purified talc, sodium lauryl sulfate, gelatin, silica (in colloidal form), sodium starch glycol..

Nicorette chewing gum 2mg #30


$23.99 $25.20 Ex Tax: $23.99

Instruction for NicoretteYou can buy Nicorette hereCompositionChewing gum Nicorette contains as an active substance nicotine (2 mg or 4 mg). As additional substances, it contains sorbitol, Na hydrogencarbonate, Na anhydrous carbon..

Norbactin tabs 400mg #20


$16.62 Ex Tax: $16.62

User manual for NorbactinReed more and buy Norbactin onlineCompositionThe main active ingredient of the drug is norfloxacin.Norbactin the following auxiliary components: microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulphate, silica c..

Orlistat 120mg #42


$99.50 Ex Tax: $99.50

Orlistat instruction for useReed more about Orlistat and buy it hereOrlistat is a drug for weight loss - an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases.Form of issue and compositionOrlistat is available in the form of capsules for inges..

Ozokerit cosmetic 250gr


$10.42 Ex Tax: $10.42

Ozokerit instructionYou can buy Ozokerit herePhysiotherapy with ozocerite is widely used in sanatorium-resort treatment, some clinics, in physiotherapy rooms of hospitals, at home. It reduces swelling, anesthetizes and has an anti..

Panavir rectal supp. 0.2mg #5


$69.50 $76.73 Ex Tax: $69.50

Instruction for Panavir rectal suppositoriesYou can buy rectal suppositories Panavir on this pageCompositionactive ingredient - Panavir (Solanum tuberosum shoots polysaccharides) - 200 µg;excipients: confectionary fat or solid fat..

Potassium orotate tabs 500mg #20


$8.26 Ex Tax: $8.26

Potassium orotate instruction for useYou can buy Potassium orotate tablets hereCompositionTablets contain orotate acid (in the composition of the drug it is contained in the form of potassium salt).Form of issueIt is made in the f..

Pyobacteriophagum Polyvalentum 20ml #4


$61.43 Ex Tax: $61.43

Pyobacteriophagum Polyvalentum instruction for useReed more and buy Pyobacteriophagum Polyvalentum on this pageCompositionIn the composition of the preparation contains active substance of eubacteria (mixture of sterile filtrates ..

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