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Bronflex solution 0.15% 120ml


$16.25 Ex Tax: $16.25

Bronflex instruction for useReed more and buy Bronflex on this pagepharmachologic effectBenzydamine is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), belongs to the group of indazoles. Has anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic e..

Budesonide-Native solution 0.5mg/ml 2ml #10


$23.73 Ex Tax: $23.73

Budesonide-Native instructionYou can buy Budesonide-Native hereComposition per ml of solutionActive substance:budesonide 0.25 mg 0.50 mgExcipients:methylparahydroxybenzoate (nipagine) 0.50 mg 0.50 mgpropylene glycol 200 mg 200 mgM..

Calcium chloride 10% 10ml #10


$6.63 Ex Tax: $6.63

Calcium chloride instructionReed more and buy Calcium chloride hereCompositionOne ampule of 5 ml contains 500 mg of calcium chloride, as well as water d / and as an auxiliary.Form of issueInjection solution. In ampoules 5 and 10 m..

Calmirex solution 100mg/ml + 2.5mg/ml 1ml #10


$30.93 Ex Tax: $30.93

Calmirex instructionYou can buy Calmirex hereRelease form, composition and packagingThe solution for injections the introduction of a transparent, colorless or slightly greenish, with a specific smell.1 amptolperisone hydrochlorid..

Camphor spiritus 10% 40ml


$2.49 Ex Tax: $2.49

Instruction for Camphor spiritusYou can buy Camphor spiritus on this pageCompositionIn the water-alcohol solution contains the active component - camphor.Additional components: alcohol, water.Form of issueThe preparation is produc..

Candid solution 1% 20ml


$21.95 Ex Tax: $21.95

Candid solution instructionYou can buy Candid solution hereRelease form, composition and packagingSolution for external use in the form of a clear, colorless, viscous liquid.1 mlclotrimazole 10 mgExcipients: propylene glycol - 990..

Candid solution for oral cavity 1% 15ml


$18.55 Ex Tax: $18.55

Candid solution for oral cavity instructionYou can buy Candid solution for oral cavity hereCandid oral solution is an antifungal medication containing clotrimazole.Apply this drug topically for the treatment of thrush - a fungal i..

Ceraxon 100mg/ml 30ml


$37.90 Ex Tax: $37.90

Instruction for Ceraxonyou can buy Ceraxon on this pageSolution for parenteral administration Ceraxon represents the clinical and pharmacological group of drugs nootropics. It is used to improve the functional state of the structu..

Cerebrolysat solution 1ml #10


$25.25 Ex Tax: $25.25

Cerebrolysat instructionReed more and buy Cerebrolysat on this pageCompositionOne ampoule solution Cerebrolysat includes 1 ml of hydrolyzate of the brain of cattle.Form of issue    1 milliliter of solution in a glas..

Cerebrolysin solution for inj. 10ml amps #5


$61.99 Ex Tax: $61.99

Cerebrolysin instruction for useYou can buy Cerebrolysin hereCompositionOne milliliter of the solution contains 215.2 mg of Cerebrolysin concentrate (a peptide product derived from the porcine brain) and auxiliary components: caus..

Cereton solution 250mg/ml 4ml #5


$26.78 Ex Tax: $26.78

Cereton solution instruction for useReed more and buy Cereton solution on this pageComposition1 ampoule (4 ml) of Cereton solution contains glycerylphosphorylcholine hydrate as an active substance in terms of anhydrous glycerylpho..

Cerucal solution 5mg/ml 2ml #10


$14.60 Ex Tax: $14.60

Cerucal solution user manualReed more and buy Cerucal solution hereForm of release and medicinal compositionThe drug Cerucal is available in the form of tablets and a solution for injections. The solution is clear, sterile, has no..

Chlorhexidine Bigluconate 0.05% 100ml


$19.69 Ex Tax: $19.69

Chlorhexidine Bigluconate instructionYou can buy Chlorhexidine on this pageComposition of ChlorhexidineThe formulation of 0.05% solution of Chlorhexidine Bigluconate contains 0.5 mg of chlorhexidine bigluconate, additional substan..

Chondrogard solution 100mg/ml 2ml #10


$45.40 Ex Tax: $45.40

Chondrogard instructionReed more and buy Chondrogard hereComposition1 ml of the preparation of the active ingredient (sodium chondroitin sulfate) is contained in the amount of 100 mg + excipients (benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide,..

Citrolux solution 50ml

Citrolux solution 50ml


$39.99 $48.70 Ex Tax: $39.99

Citrolux instruction for useTo buy Citrolux just add it to your shopping cartCompositionExtract of grapefruit seeds (glycerin-carrier E422, water, flavanoglycosides, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), caramel liquid dye - E150d.Packaging ..

Citrosept solution 50ml


$50.63 Ex Tax: $50.63

Citrosept instruction for useReed more and buy Citrosept on this pageCompositionIn 100 ml of drops contains 5 g of vitamin C, as well as 19.37 g of bioflavonoids (quercetin, gesperedin, naringin, etc.)Additional components are: gr..

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