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Thioctacid 600 T solution 25mg/ml 24ml #5


$51.20 Ex Tax: $51.20

Thioctacid 600 T instruction for useYou can buy Thioctacid 600 T hereComposition1 ampoule of solution contains:Active ingredient: trometamol thioctate - 925.2876, in terms of thioctic (a-lipoic) acid - 600 mg.Excipients: trometamo..

Thiogamma solution 1.2% 50ml


$32.81 Ex Tax: $32.81

Thiogamma solution instruction for useReed more and buy Thiogamma solution hereCompositionThiogamma concentrate for preparing the solution for infusion in the form of a clear solution of yellowish-green color.- thioctic acid meglu..

Tonsilgon N solution 100ml


$23.67 Ex Tax: $23.67

Tonsilgon N solution user manualYou can buy Tonsilgon N solution hereForm of release, composition and packagingDrops for ingestion in the form of a transparent or slightly turbid liquid of a yellowish brown color, with a character..

Totema 10ml #20


$48.50 Ex Tax: $48.50

Totema instruction manual for buyersYou can buy Tot'hema hereTotema is a combined drug that represents the pharmacological group of anti-anemic drugs. It is used to treat anemia, mainly associated with an insufficient level of iro..

Traumeel S solution 2.2ml #5


$42.71 Ex Tax: $42.71

Traumeel S solution user manualYou can buy Traumeel S solution on this pageDescription of the dosage form, compositionSolution for injection (shots) Traumeel S is a colorless transparent liquid, has no odor. It consists of several..

Umckalor solution 50ml


$25.25 Ex Tax: $25.25

Instruction for UmckalorYou can buy Umckalor on this pageComposition20 drops of the solution (1 gram) contains 800 mg of the extract of the pelargonium root.Additional components: glycerine, ethyl alcohol.Form of issueThe medicati..

Urolith solution 350ml


$43.29 Ex Tax: $43.29

Urolith instruction for useReed more and buy Urolith on this pageUrolith oral solution based on black walnut extract and herbsCOMPOSITION polyextract:Madder dyeing rhizomes and roots (Rhizomata et radix Rubiae tinctori)Wild Carrot..

Venofer solution 20mg/ml 5ml #5


$123.65 Ex Tax: $123.65

User manual for VenoferYou can buy Venofer on this pageCompositionIn one milliliter of the preparation Venofer contains: 540 mg of iron (III) hydroxide in the form of a sucrose complex, water purified for injection, sodium hydroxi..

Vessel Due F solution for injections 600LE/2ml 2ml #10


$63.88 Ex Tax: $63.88

Vessel Due F solution instruction for useYou can buy Vessel Due F solution on this pageRelease form, composition and packagingSolution for in / in and in / m the introduction of light yellow or yellow, transparent.1 ampsulodexide ..

Vetoron E solution 2% 20ml


$18.18 Ex Tax: $18.18

Vetoron E instructionReed more and buy Vetoron ESee also - Vetoron for childrenCompositionIn the composition of Vetoron E: beta-carotene - 20 mg, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) to 40 mg each. Also in ..

Victoza solution 6mg/ml 3ml #2


$232.95 Ex Tax: $232.95

Victoza instruction for useYou can buy Victoza on this pageCompositionIn 1 ml of solution liraglutida 6 mg.Sodium hydrogen phosphate, hydrochloric acid, propylene glycol, phenol, water for injection as auxiliary substances.Release..

Vigantol solution 0.5mg/ml 10ml


$11.83 Ex Tax: $11.83

Vigantol instruction for useReed more about Vigantol and buy it on this page onlineCompositionThe composition of Vigantol includes the active substance: colcalciferol.An additional component is triglycerides.Form of issueProduced ..

Viride nitens - Brilliant green 1% 10ml (zelenka)


$1.99 Ex Tax: $1.99

Viride nitens instruction for useYou can buy Brilliant green on this pageComposition100 ml of the solution include 1000 mg of brilliant green and 95% ethanol (ethyl alcohol).Form of issueThe company "Renewal" produces 1% alcoholic..

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